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ContentGeneMD is dedicated to advancing Healthcare Professional knowledge by publishing latest scientific peer-reviewed articles. It aims at promoting excellence in medicine and influencing patient care. ContentGeneMD plays an important role in documenting the latest innovations in clinical & scientific research. It offers access from over 1600 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in more than 21 major therapeutic areas and 80+ sub-specialties.

ContentGeneMD provides the latest scientific and clinical Full-Text articles (integral and original version). The content is exclusively for physicians and Healthcare professional and available in Advanced Online Publication (3 to 5 weeks before the paper version).

Our goal is to support health professionals throughout the scientific and clinical research process by providing valuable bibliographic databases, allowing for better diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients.

This information is easily accessible and available in real time. It is adapted to the needs and interests of each healthcare professional.

The platform is deployed for US, Latin American and APAC physicians. Registration is totally free for HCPs and and accessible via this link.

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ContentGeneMD is a GNM Healthcare Group Companies USA, Inc. initiative.
Our company has been providing peer-reviewed contents from all the major publishers to Healthcare professionals around the world for the last 20 years.
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