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1 Our Expertise

Being a customer-centric strategist

An increasingly competitive landscape

combined with the high demand of your target , prioritizes the need to go further, by engaging your customers and create your own product’s footprint and firm’s image.

Through our initiatives

GNM Healthcare goes beyond the 'Nice to have' by offering solutions that converge towards the acquisition and increase of your customer engagement, visibility and impact of your actions.

Through our commitment

and uniqueness of service, GNM Healthcare ensures an innovative customer experience and a dedication to your brand.

2 Our Unicity

Having privileged partnerships with the publishing world

  • Providing HCPs a direct access to full-text articles from peer-reviewed journals
  • HTML & PDF version, in Advance Online Publication
of the scientific and clinical literature covered
journals available


3 Our Specificity

Tracking each action at the source to provide qualitative and personal data on all events

Data reliability

StatDirect is able to track all physician’s actions once the Alert is opened StatDirect can qualify physicians, following there centers of interest.

Individual data

StatDirect can translate and associate each action executed on a service to a single entity or individually.

Content related data

Each GNM document is coded to the SOURCE :

  • traced when the web page is created,
  • one document = one single tracker (dynamic pages)

at a Glance

GNM surveys conducted between Sept-November 2015 on 1,200 worldwide HCPs
Physicians engagement
Recommendation to Peers
Daily practice usefulness
Brand awareness


With GNM Healthcare, you benefit from a valuable and flexible partner to deliver high added value to physicians with a unique goal: keep them engaged and capitalize on customer loyalty!

A worldwide presence

GNM Healthcare is present worldwide for more than 10 years, with offices in New-York, London and Singapore and has established a partnership in Tokyo since April 2015.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

We are working exclusively with Pharmaceutical and Medical devices companies. See our network


Our multidisciplinary team mixes scientifical, IT, web designer and commercial profiles. Meet our team.

News & Events

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RICAI, PIPA, AFPA, SFP, JIRP, Rencontre pédiatriques

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